Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to Poetry (#1 - UP Diliman Series)

Strange, Stranger Gazes

In the library 
where books become walls
to people
whose looks resemble
their thoughts:
of finishing homework
and killing time,
of learning ahead
and spacing out.

In this place,
where silence and noise
become idle sounds,
my eyes are lost
among pages and spaces
you move around:
between the shelves,
behind the counter,
beside me.

But these walls keep
its rule of silence
my eyes have to defy.
I learn to speak
your language of gazes:
those tug of wars,
those hits and misses,
those stolen glances
that mock the silence
of this place.

In the library
where walls avenge
the foes of silence,
our gazes are muted
like words of pages 
housed in this place.
We do not belong here –
and words are blind
to the language of our eyes.

 09/10/2012, Sovesal
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